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Review: Tokyo Ghoul

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* Kaneki Ken’s date goes terribly wrong and it’s a shame because he used to be such a nice boy.


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In the Japanese language of flowers (Hanakotoba) the Red Spider Lily symbolizes Never to meet again/Lost memory/Abandonment which is incredibly apt when you consider the context of this episode.

It is also known as the flower of death and is associated with lovers parting ways, never to meet again. 

Those last few minutes with Rise and Kaneki were exceptional. Loved all the Freudian complications imbibed in their relationship. In slight, demented twist in the classical Oedipal tale, Rise is a mother figure but at the same time she is also the sole sexual figure he wants to possess. Tokyo Ghoul is not perfect and the three episodes before the ending were a mess but I’ll be damned if Rise and Kaneki weren’t the most fascinating parts of this uneven show.

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Drew Kotori for her birthday! Happy birthday Best Love Live!

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Happy KageHina day! (Unfortunately, this wasn’t much of a date.)


Amazing display at Animate Yokohama.

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More doodles

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Straight out for the sketch book!

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Artbook Review Poll

I decided to open a poll for which artbook I should review first since I’d like to know what people are interested in. If you have other suggestions you can look at my complete list of artbooks owned here, I conveniently left out some books from this poll because I really wanted too keen on reviewing those! Anyway if you’re interested go and take a vote!

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